Our Vision

Some Ideals, Aims and Purposes of Bangladesh Kindergarten Owners’ Association: Through a beautiful pre-schooling curriculum all kindergartens from play group to KG, from primary to class Eight and primary schools and kindergartens should be taken education in the same syllabus. In order to build strong nation a powerful education system must be established within 2021. In this context our association is working for the development powerful nation.

First Stage: A national children and primary students’ curriculum, selection of books, syllabus and central questions preparing with all activities should be prepared with government and private teachers for the consideration of self social perspective and maintaining international standard. In this context, A Kindergarten Board’ building is our aim.

2nd Stage: Every Kindergarten being registered under easy condition is to ensure for answering to the national committee of Education Ministry so that all students can have equal facility.

3rd Stage: Teacher appointment should be provided according to the demand of all kindergartens. Teachers will ensure teaching every subject maintaining international standard through analysis process.

4rth Stage: Appointed teachers of government and non-government can take teacher training. In this matter government and nongovernmental organizations have to take initiative for teacher training opening training center in every district town so that every teacher being trained can teach the children in the class room fruitfully.

5th Stage: National committee will set up reading book selection with the direct involvement of child teaching expert teachers and teaching scientists. They will select books of Bangla, English, Mathematics, Drawing and General Knowledge form various books observing market so that they can select books according to class basis suitable for children without giving pressure.

6th Stage: Question papers should be well prepared so that all kinds of students can understand easily and that should be balanced with examination time.

7th Stage: Yearly literature, sports and cultural competition among kindergarten and same standard students being arranged scholarship examinations are to be held all over the country encouraging the students.

8th Stage: The necessity of Kindergarten education method is to publish among the people of Bangladesh through seminar, symposium, leaflets and helping books.

9th Stage: Library should be established in order to know regarding kindergarten teaching method in national and international stage and teachers’ educational visit in abroad.

10th Stage: To create facility taking part in any competition of social activities in national and international stage.

11th Stage: All facilities with books, dress and fees for the poor and disabled students are to provide.

12th Stage: The kindergartens are to contribute for the expansion of literacy.

As a result, we do consider within 2021 all kindergartens can easily create a new era in the opening of golden door for education system of Bangladesh. But all valid institutions have to work for the same dimension of education. Here all schools have to contribute in this context. Through successful monitoring of district level appointed education officers this vision will come into reality.

At present our association is being directed through a same syllabus and questions under our self made Board. Our aim is to increase the net work of all member schools under the aim and activities of the association. Not only that the endeavor of the association is to build powerful educated nation on the powerful basement. For this purpose all organizations of home and abroad should come forward to fulfill the mission building Sonar Bangla. Our only goal is how to make a wealthy, healthy and educated nation through a pragmatic education system.