About Us

Bangladesh Kindergarten Owners’ Association is entirely a nonpolitical, educational social welfare and unprofitable organization. It was identified in another name before. Since this organization is welfare and educational organization, it has been open under the Ministry of Social Welfare of the People Republic of Bangladesh. It is taken the registration of the Ministry. The registration No. Dha- 08229 which is formed in another knack of identification. And it is being directed according to valid representative social organization. About more than 8,000 members are directly involved under the activities of this organization. But more than 6000 are connected with this organization. This is association is formed with respectable teachers and honorable owners. A short description of this organization is given beneath:

1. Scholarship Examinations are arranged for the development of children merit development competition on the basis of standard syllabus and the scripts are examined by trained subject teachers. The result of the scholarship examinations being published in the daily newspapers and web site (www.bkoa.org), the winners are given certificates and financial backing in the great convention every year. All are arranged just for the encouragement of the genius.

2. Annual sports and cultural programs are arranged for development of the students. They are given prizes and certificates through a great convention.

3. Special training's are arranged for the teachers through seminars. Without trained teachers green students are not properly taught. That’s why this association arranges regular training workshop.

4. The Kindergarten and same standard schools are being directed in the rural areas of Bangladesh under the leadership of this organization. At the same time balanced curriculum and syllabus are served in the same method all over the country.

5. In any national level programs this organization is fruitfully participating and contributing in the social activities competition.

6. In the context of Bangladesh the necessity of Kindergarten education method is being published through various symposium, posters, seminars and publishing books and periodicals by this association. Besides, various social development and national building programs are launched through this association. It should be noted that Kindergartens are contributing with government missionary national duties equally, as for example in national calamity, voter list preparing, ID card preparing, removing illiteracy, and all development activities etc.